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Month: September 2016

Management Council in Tartu and Tallinn

(Original Swedish post published 29 September, English version published 10 November.) We’re continuing our visits to universities in our region, partly as study visits and partly to deepen cooperation. Now it was the turn of universities in Estonia. First we visited the University of Tartu, formerly known as the University of Dorpat, which was the […]

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The Senate – conference on Gotland

(Original Swedish post published 25 September, English version posted 10 November.) Just over three years have now passed since the merger with Gotland University College and the establishment of Campus Gotland. Last autumn the process was evaluated by Lars Haikola and we received 17 proposals and recommendations, most of which have already been acted on. […]

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Budget Bill and university management

(Original Swedish post published 21 September, English version published 10 November.) Today a seminar was held for vice-chancellors and chairs of the boards of higher education institutions in Sweden. I participated along with the deputy chair of the University Board, Gunnar Svedberg. Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson started proceedings with a […]

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An eventful week comes to a close

Last week was eventful. The public debate was dominated by intense reporting on the Macchiarini affair. Reports have now come in from three out of thirteen investigations. Many lessons need to be learned, much needs to be discussed. We haven’t seen the end of this story yet. But so many other things happened as well. […]

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