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Month: December 2016

2016 at Uppsala University – in retrospect

With Christmas and the New Year drawing near, it feels natural to look back over the past year. How well have we lived up to the University’s slogan – a tradition of renewal since 1477? Pretty well, we’d be inclined to say. We’re preserving and building. The University Main Building is undergoing a thorough renovation, […]

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Festive week with overtones of Christmas

(Original Swedish post published 17 December, English version published 20 December.) We’re happy to say that six Nobel Prize winners accepted our invitation and honoured Uppsala University by giving the traditional lectures here on St Lucia’s Day (Tuesday). Full houses in the lecture halls in the morning, and festive spirits at lunch at the Castle. […]

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Report from the University Board meeting

(Original Swedish post published 15 December, English version published 16 December.) On Tuesday the University Board convened at Scandic Hotel for its last meeting before the holidays. As usual, the meeting began with the Vice-Chancellor’s monthly report (pdf, in Swedish). The December report was mainly about the government’s research bill. The meeting also gave the […]

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Better opportunities for internationalisation

(Original Swedish post published 9 December, English version posted 12 December.) On Thursday the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) had a breakfast meeting on internationalisation at which the IVA project Research Outlook presented a report on “Better opportunities for internationalisation of research and higher education”. (Swedish version here.) The project has analysed Sweden’s […]

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Second Sunday in Advent

(Original Swedish version posted 4 December, English version posted 5 December.) The weeks before Christmas speed by, and we’ve already reached the second Sunday in Advent. On Monday the long-awaited Research Bill was presented. Having heard others’ reactions, it’s fair to say we’re not the only ones to give the bill a lukewarm reception. For […]

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