Welcome back to Uppsala University after a hopefully enjoyable summer holiday. Some of us have already worked a week or so and have got back into the swing of things, others are just returning.

Together, we are now about to welcome the students, particularly the new students who are starting their first semester here with us. As the beginning of the semester draws near, newly arrived students can be seen wandering the streets with curiosity in their eyes. Welcoming the new students here in Uppsala and in Visby is one of the most enjoyable tasks of the academic year.

Some things never change about the beginning of the semester, and one of those things is the difficult housing situation. Once again, I urge anyone who has the means to sublet a room for short or long term use to do so. Getting off to a good start to one’s studies is critically important for one’s future, and having a roof over one’s head goes a long way in this context. Contact Studentboet!

Other things do change: in a break with tradition this semester, we are welcoming the students in UKK instead of the University Main Building. The renovation of the University Main Building is still underway, and is expected to be completed by the spring conferment ceremony next May.

The same, or different – no matter what, a warm welcome is in order!

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