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Month: October 2020

Guest Post: Many crossdisciplinary initiatives in Humanities and Social Sciences

At the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences, crossover is all the rage – several new cross-disciplinary initiatives have been launched and more are on the way. Cross-disciplinary research and education have a strong tradition in Humanities and Social Sciences. Historian of ideas Karin Johannisson played a pioneering role in Sweden and at Uppsala […]

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Let’s all play our part in reducing infection in Uppsala!

Yesterday the Public Health Agency of Sweden issued local advice for Uppsala aimed at curbing the spread of infection, now that the pressure on health services has begun to increase in our region. Last week we wrote here in the blog that we need to take a step back in the current infection situation; now […]

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Invigorating adapted events

Infection rates are increasing in Uppsala and we need to be particularly careful right now and in the coming weeks when we choose to meet physically. After all, in many cases digital alternatives work extremely well. However, sometimes meeting in well-planned and orderly ways helps us to keep going now, when we know that this […]

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Guest Post: Raising the roof at Nya Ångström

Last thursday I was invited to a roof-raising ceremony at Building 10, Nya Ångström. The building has reached the point where the facade and roof are virtually finished. The builders had gathered on the ground floor to celebrate this milestone. We walked into the atrium at the heart of Building 10. The atrium is stunning, […]

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Students and everyone else – step back!

The infection situation in Sweden, and particularly in Uppsala, is cause for concern. The number of people testing positive for COVID-19 has increased sharply in the last few weeks. Young people, not least students, have been identified as groups that are playing a major role in spreading infection. To some extent, students have been unfairly […]

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Deans’ days at the Castle: coronavirus routines and future issues

The autumn deans’ away days at home on Thursday to Friday were a welcome physical meeting. We had fewer participants than usual this time and used spacious rooms in the Castle. Meeting in real life and letting the conversation flow in the room was invigorating and sparked new ideas in a way that is difficult […]

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