Today we had the last meeting with the university board. This time the agenda was not full of decisions to make, but we were able to discuss in depth both the work on the revision of goals and strategies and the university’s quality management. We had good discussions on the topics that we previously have discussed internally in the management council, the senate and the dean meeting – quality, autonomy and responsibility. The board underlined the importance for us as a university to take our quality management for the development of world-leading research and first-class education seriously.

An important decision was taken, however, and it was about giving the student union of engineering and science a position as a student union from the 1st of January. We would like to give credit to the students who through a mutual agreement have solved this issue. It gives us a good climate of cooperation between the various unions and thus a strong student influence, which is so important at our university.

After the meeting the board took a guided tour of the Ångstrom laboratory. It is important that they meet students and researchers in the living environment on campus and get to know the operations that are affected by the decisions. They were impressed by the research and the facilities at Ångstrom and those of us in the management group were obviously proud. The theme this week is excellent research with Science and SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists on Monday, the Nobel festivities in Stockholm yesterday and Nobel lectures here in Uppsala on Friday.


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