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Ongoing debate on collaboration

Yesterday the web-based research magazine Curie carried an article entitled “How can you put a number on collaboration?” (in Swedish) in which Pam Fredman, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg, and I express our doubts about the proposal to base resource distribution on collaboration. This excerpt from the article encapsulates my concern: “The pilot project […]

Management Council meeting at Campus Gotland

(Swedish version posted 7 February.) This week began early on a grey and chilly Monday morning on Gotland. Each year the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council has an all-day meeting at Uppsala University – Campus Gotland. As usual, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor Olle Jansson and Deputy University Director Therese Iveby Gardell gave us a warm welcome. It […]

Debate: Proposals smack of further state control

(Swedish version posted 6 February.) Today I write about the report of the Inquiry on Rural Sweden on the site, under the heading “Proposals smack of further state control”. I have written before in this blog about the inquiry’s report, “For rural Sweden – a cohesive policy for work, sustainable growth and welfare” (Swedish […]

Last week’s events – a few samples

(Original Swedish post published 4 February.) On the way to Örebro University’s academic celebration, I’m sitting on the train trying to sum up the past week, looking back on all the meetings and inspiring conversations that have taken place over the last few days. Department visits are a treat for us and I would like […]

Splendid and dignified Winter Conferment Ceremony

(Original Swedish post published 28 January, English version posted 30 January.) Today was the day of the Winter Conferment Ceremony. This time, 61 new doctors and 16 honorary doctors received their hats and laurel wreaths. In addition, the University celebrated 14 prizewinners. In my speech I congratulated the new doctors and thanked the honorary doctors […]

New regional expansion of higher education institutions?

Hardly had I pressed the button to publish my comment that the minister hadn’t said much that was new in Steningevik when a Swedish Government Official Report (2017:1) entitled “For rural Sweden – a cohesive policy for work, sustainable growth and welfare”, arrived in my inbox. In Chapter 4, “Skills provision”, I read as follows […]

Steningevik – the annual meeting of vice-chancellors with the minister

(Original Swedish post published 25 January, English version published 26 January.) I’ve just come home and will try to sum up my impressions from the annual meeting of vice-chancellors with the Minister for Higher Education and Research in Steningevik. It has become a tradition for the Swedish Higher Education Authority and the Association of Swedish […]

Management Council visits Oslo University

(Originally posted in Swedish on 7 November 2016.) Today the University’s Management Council visited the University of Oslo. It was a stimulating visit. It’s inspiring and useful to hear what other universities do. We can also see that we have more in common than we have differences. Many of the challenges are the same, such […]

The Bologna Process – with a feeling of déjà vu

(Originally posted in Swedish on 3 November 2016.) Over the past two days I participated in “Working Group: New Goals”, a meeting in Stockholm of the working group developing new goals ahead of the next ministerial meeting in the Bologna Process/EHEA, which will take place in Paris in 2018. The theme for the first day […]

Uppsala University’s model for educational evaluation

(Original Swedish post published 25 October, English version published 8 November.) Today I took a decision adopting Uppsala University’s model for educational evaluation, guidelines and financing. Many people have paved the way for this decision over a period of several years. For instance, the CrED panel, which proposed it back in 2012, and the working […]

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