(Original Swedish post published 7 January.)

We hope you have enjoyed the holidays. Now we’re back and it’s time to get set for a new semester at our University. Many of you are already busy with research, exams, teaching, services and support so that everything goes as well as possible.

Our Monday starts with a meeting of the Management Council at which we will discuss strategic issues, priorities and projects for the years to come. Together with the vice-rectors and the students, we will decide on the way ahead. Though we have already put in a lot of work on many of the issues – research infrastructure, internationalisation and career paths, for example – they still demand planning and priority setting.

  • How can we best follow up on Q&R17 and how can we take the results of educational evaluations forward?
  • How can we adapt our services and administration to give the most appropriate support in an increasingly international research and study environment?
  • How can we keep our programmes fresh and forward looking to equip Uppsala students for an increasingly unpredictable future?
  • How can we become an even better employer and create more attractive workplaces?

The #MeToo discussion has reminded us how important it is that we always treat one another with respect and responsibility, irrespective of our role and position. How can we become better at this? And what should we in the university management be doing to prevent misconduct and promote good research practice?

As you see, we have many important issues that we are eager to get to grips with on Monday. We hope you are all happy to be back and look forward to a new semester with you!

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