Scholars At Risk (SAR) is an international network of universities and individuals who work together to harbour threatened academics, avert attacks and safeguard academic freedom and related values. Uppsala University has been a member of SAR for some time, and earlier this month, SAR – Sweden was launched at a seminar in Gothenburg. So far, the network consists of 11 seats of learning, but more will follow.

Ola Larsmo of PEN gave an appreciated lecture where he related his experiences as a writer-in-residence. He praised Uppsala University for harbouring a blogger from Bangladesh facing death threats. Amidst increasing global unrest, with difficult conflicts that threaten to encroach upon freedom of speech and academic autonomy, these questions are made all the more important. One way of shouldering our responsibility is to actively participate in SAR, but also to cooperate with PEN and other like-minded organisations.


Founding Statement

Launch of Scholars at Risk – Sweden Section

On behalf of the Swedish members of the Scholars at Risk Network, we declare the official launch of Scholars at Risk– Sweden Section, this March 9, 2016 at the University of Gothenburg. Scholars at Risk– Sweden Section is a partnership between Swedish higher education institutions and Scholars at Risk (SAR), an international network of higher education institutions dedicated to promoting academic freedom and defending the human rights of scholars worldwide.  In joining Scholars at Risk, Swedish academic leadership, faculty, students and staff send a strong message of solidarity with scholars and universities in situations where academic freedom is restricted and research, publication, teaching and learning are repressed. Together with Scholars at Risk members at more than 400 institutions in 40 countries around the world, we hope to make a difference.

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