The annual network meeting took place in Göttingen today. U4 is a relatively small, focused university network with four higher education institutions: the universities of Groningen, Ghent, Göttingen and Uppsala. Our cooperation takes place mainly in five academic clusters:

  • Humanities (host: Ghent)
  • Medicine and Pharmacy (host: Groningen)
  • Science and Technology (host: Uppsala)
  • Social Sciences, Economics and Law (host: Göttingen)
  • Institutional Management

After listening to reports from all the clusters and from the student representatives, I can state that activities in the network have both expanded and been broadened. There are summer and winter courses, workshops, joint degrees, conferences, leadership programmes, benchmarking and various administrative processes. Uppsala University will host the next joint meeting for the whole network on 15–16 November 2015, but before that several workshops and cluster meetings a be held. There are also options to apply for funding of stays in Göttingen and to start new contacts in the network. If you have any queries or thoughts about how you can use this network, please get in touch with Oskar Pettersson, our contact and coordinator for U4. On the trip, as well as myself and Oskar, were Kay Svensson, Johan Tysk, Caisa Lycken, Lars Magnusson and Mats Larhed.

A framework agreement on future cooperation for PhD education is signed.

A framework agreement on future cooperation for PhD education is signed.

Two outstanding mathematicians: Gauss and Tysk.

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