Today we decided to extend the current decision of the Vice-Chancellor concerning COVID-19. Consequently, online solutions remain the first-choice option where possible. The infection situation does not permit any relaxation and to make it possible to plan, we are extending the validity of the decision until 22 March. This will provide time to make a considered choice on how to proceed half way through the spring semester, based on the state of the pandemic.

During the summer and early autumn, we began to plan to gradually open up the University for more educational and other activities physically on site in our premises. A living study environment where students meet one another and their teachers is important for the student experience and, in the long run, for the quality of education.

However, the state of the pandemic in the region and in the rest of Sweden was against us. Instead of returning to campus, we decided in November to tighten the application of the guidelines in effect at the University, initially until 17 January and now until 22 March.

Another of today’s decisions concerned the much longer-term development of the University. Development Plan 2050 was adopted as a framework for the University’s spatial structure and physical shape in Uppsala and Visby over the coming decades. The site where the Segerstedt Building was erected was reserved for the University’s future development long ago in the 19th century. Our intention in adopting Development Plan 2050 is to take a similar responsibility for future generations.

Read more about Development Plan 2050.

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