Last thursday I was invited to a roof-raising ceremony at Building 10, Nya Ångström. The building has reached the point where the facade and roof are virtually finished.

The builders had gathered on the ground floor to celebrate this milestone. We walked into the atrium at the heart of Building 10. The atrium is stunning, soaring nearly 30 metres to the ceiling. You can now begin to sense the setting taking shape, with reception, teaching premises, restaurant and offices for the IT Department.

I was invited to make a speech. The workers stood on the different floors around the atrium. It was quite a feeling to look up and see all the people involved in constructing this building. I tried to describe how important their work is. When it is all finished, Nya Ångström will have a total floor area of 100,000 square metres for education and research in technology and natural sciences. This facility will be a focal point for Swedish and international students and researchers. It will make a significant contribution to the future of Uppsala, the region and indeed the whole country. I thanked them for carrying out this important project within the planned time and budget, despite the complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, I had a chance to look at the placement of the Foucault pendulum, which will be 28 metres long. The bracket is already fixed in the ceiling and the circle in the floor over which the pendulum will swing is already clearly marked.

I cycled away feeling grateful and proud.

Johan Tysk, Vice-Rector of the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology

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