One of the most essential issues for a university is to succeed in recruiting and retaining the very best researchers and teachers. This is the key to continued success, new discoveries and satisfied students. If we are to be an attractive research and education environment that will interest the best people, not just nationally but internationally, we have to develop the career paths we can offer at the University. Consequently, several projects are now in progress dealing precisely with the University’s talent recruitment, development and retention.

Inquiry authors Ann Fust and Magnus Ödman

Today a digital hearing was organised with Ann Fust and Magnus Ödman, whose inquiry has resulted in a proposal on new Appointment Regulations, which is now being circulated for comment. It was pleasing to see so many participants in the Zoom meeting – close to 100 people – and to receive so many good, constructive comments. Many individuals have contributed ideas and opinions in the course of the inquiry, and I would now like to encourage everyone to contribute to the consultation responses too so that we can further hone the proposals. The subject involves taking a position on many difficult questions, and great commitment and boldness are needed to create the career paths that will be most advantageous for our University’s development. Many thanks to Ann and Magnus, the commentators and other participants in the seminar! To be continued.

Johan Elf, Sanna Koskiniemi and Mattias Martinson commented on Ann Fust’s inquiry. Moderator: Pernilla Björk.
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