Yesterday the Management Council made its annual visit to Campus Gotland. After our ordinary meeting, at which we discussed the University’s annual report and budget documentation, which is being prepared, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor Olle Jansson told us about strategic and current issues at Campus Gotland. The University is well on the way to meeting its goal of 1,500 on-campus students. Most new students are studying game design, public health/caring sciences, law, business administration and earth sciences and with several new degree programmes, this trend is set to continue.

Research developments are also very promising. Several major research initiatives are in progress in areas such as energy, cultural heritage and tourism. A completely new graduate school in sustainable development will start up in August, with 8–12 doctoral students.

Senior university officers lunched with representatives of the students’ union Rindi

It will tie in with local circumstances and will be very exciting to follow. It was also interesting to see a presentation of the internationalisation project that has been carried out in Visby. Needs have been identified and measures taken. The work and study environment has quickly become considerably more international – Campus Gotland is now Uppsala University’s most international campus.

Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor Olle Jansson talks about strategic work at Campus Gotland

Campus Gotland’s successful development since the merger shows the potential benefits when a larger higher education institution links up with a smaller institution in a way that they choose themselves and that benefits both parties. However, it’s important to remember that extra government development funds are essential, not just to begin with but permanently. And nothing will happen without strenuous efforts and deep commitment from both sides.

Vice-Rector Stellan Sandler talks about current issues in his disciplinary domain

After a meeting with staff at which we presented the latest news from the disciplinary domains in Uppsala, we had a chance to meet local politicians and representatives of Region Gotland. It was encouraging to hear the positive views about the importance of the University for regional growth. The cooperation has gone very well. The strategic partnership we have entered into has provided a very good platform and needless to say, it is pleasing that research, innovation and new student housing are included in the proposed strategic development plan for Gotland.

Regional Director Peter Lindvall talks about the region’s development
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