(Original Swedish post.)

On Wednesday, the entire University management (apart from Torsten, who had other commitments) visited Skåne for a joint meeting with the management of Lund University. We shared experiences of managing agency capital, compensation for language programmes, storing of research data and financing of facilities. We compared our impressions of the terms of reference for Agneta Bladh’s inquiry on internationalisation and Pam Fredman’s inquiry on governance and resource allocation, and we discussed the funding of national infrastructure resources, in particular Max IV and the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (ANIC).

These regular meetings are valuable. It is important that Sweden’s two largest and broadest research universities maintain a dialogue and develop a common view on fundamental research and education policy issues. Our thanks to Torbjörn von Schantz, Eva Wiberg and others at Lund for their hospitality and for a productive time together!

Before travelling back to Uppsala, we found itme for a short visit to the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, very interesting and inspiring.

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