(Original Swedish post published 7 March.)

There are many reasons to celebrate and salute success. One such occasion came on Friday when the Göran Gustafsson Prizes were awarded to young researchers – Anna Rostedt Punga and Cecilia Persson of Uppsala University received the Göran Gustafsson Prize of SEK 2.5 million each to be used freely for research purposes. The small prize of SEK 0.5 million went to Olov Norlén and Reza Younesi. The prizes were presented at a grand ceremony in Stensalen at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. A total of SEK 12 million was shared out to promising young researchers at Uppsala University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

Anna Rostedt Punga gives a speech of thanks on behalf of the prizewinners

Another occasion came on Thursday at the Department of Business Studies, which celebrated the successful launch of new international Master’s programmes that have attracted many applicants. At the same time, the newly recognised Excellent Teachers, newly promoted professors and new docents were honoured. There were celebratory cakes and book prizes. It’s important to take time to celebrate, to take pleasure in one another’s successes. It makes a difference to say a few words of appreciation to each other – we ought to do it much more often.

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