This Monday, the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council met for the second time on Campus Gotland, we will soon have established an annual tradition if this keeps up. The University Management (the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the University Director) left for Visby in the early morning for a meeting with the entire staff. Developments since last year, current events, and the status of Haikola’s Gotland evaluation following the referral and Q&R17 were among the topics addressed at the staff meeting. Imagine if we could hold meetings involving the entire staff in Uppsala as well.

After lunch, the vice-rectors and student representatives arrived. Naturally, issues pertaining to Campus Gotland figured heavily on the agenda – how to proceed with proposals and recommendations for Haikola’s evaluation, and input on the drafting of a new Mission and Core Values document for Campus Gotland. Lars Geschwind from KTH, who conducts follow-up research on the merging process, reported on his progress, particularly of the survey recently conducted among the employees of Campus Gotland. Peter Larsson, the government’s assessor of the private sector and labour market development on Gotland, joined up later in the afternoon to present his findings thus far. The evaluation will be completed on 20 June. It was a rewarding and interesting day, and it is clear that we are now entering a new phase with Campus Gotland. The merger has generally gone very well, with some necessary adjustments that are currently being made, and certain new initiatives that will be required in the future.

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