Today the Board of Uppsala University had its first meeting for the autumn. For some members this was their premier, and we want to extend them a special welcome.  The Board plays an important role at the University and in moving it forward. Its members are a mixture of external members from various societal sectors, students, doctoral students, teachers, and union representatives. The Board is chaired by Carola Lemne.

Eva always starts out with the report from the Vice-Chancellor – a review of what has happened since we last met. Formulating thoughts provides an opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened, and we are always equally impressed that so much has actually happened between two Board meetings at Uppsala University.

Today’s agenda didn’t include many items requiring decisions, but several informational items instead.  We heard good presentations about the half-year report, the admissions situation, work with internal governance and monitoring, the request for comments on the higher education foundation proposal, and work to revise goals and strategies. Today the Board had time for discussions, and we were able to listen to important viewpoints from members that will be useful in our everyday work and will provide platforms for the coming decisions we need to make.

Our work with our comment on “Higher Education Foundations: A New Operational Form for Greater Freedom” sparked a lively discussion even at this early juncture – and it will continue, not only at Board meetings, among colleagues, students at departments, within the University but also elsewhere. It’s going to be an exciting autumn.

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