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Zoom meeting with heads of department and protective equipment on the way

Yesterday afternoon a large batch of protective equipment went from Uppsala University to Uppsala University Hospital. Many departments and research teams have been keen to contribute and now the material has gone where it is needed most right now. More deliveries are expected next week. We are proud of the responsibility and willingness to help […]

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Keep going, stay strong

Following the rapid and radical change that the transition to distance education required, we are beginning to discern the contours of a new normality. Many of us are working remotely, fewer are on campus. We’re keeping our distance and washing our hands. As more people fall ill, the government may impose more restrictions, and these […]

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Coronavirus: how can we help?

A week or so ago, nobody knew the University would manage in just 24 hours to reorganise its activities and make changes that would normally take months or years. A quantum leap into the future. Of course, distance education is nothing new, but it was vital that preparations had been made for a possible announcement […]

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Corona: listen to the experts

The coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 disease, has become an issue for our entire society this week, and activities to slow down the spread of infection have increased, both in Sweden and at Uppsala University. Naturally, many people are worried about what may happen. Having said that, it is important to remember that the vast majority […]

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Research and freedom draw crowds

Two very well-attended events were held at the University yesterday. We were happy to welcome Alumnus of the Year Emma Frans, who gave an inspiring lecture in the evening in the University Main Building. She called on us to take greater responsibility for fighting disinformation and fake news, a responsibility I am sure we all […]

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Constructive deans day

The upcoming audit of the University’s quality assurance system, the library inquiry, the implementation of Mission, Goals and Strategies, the EUN application ENLIGHT, the Appointment Regulations and the art of making a world-class handover when you leave office. Yesterday’s deans day was busy, with many productive discussions on issues that all relate to our University’s […]

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After another good year, we are looking to the future.

The Annual Report for 2019 was the main item on the agenda when the University Board met today. The report makes for satisfying reading. The University has a well-run economy and well-run operations. The turnover has increased by SEK 285 million, our educational activities are proceeding according to plan and we are doing well in […]

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Freedom, integrity, respect

An opinion piece by Göran Rosenberg in the radio news programme God morgon världen on 12 January (in Swedish) has sparked debate, including several comments in the Uppsala newspaper UNT (in Swedish). The discussion raises important issues of social control, academic freedom, freedom of expression and equal opportunities. Here are a few reflections on questions […]

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Transition to sustainability in progress

Yesterday I received a review of the University’s environmental management work in 2019. This is a type of report that all government authorities submit to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency each year, describing changes in certain environmental indicators. The figures were pleasing, particularly regarding travel, and it’s exciting to see that we are already moving […]

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Productive discussions when Management Council visited Campus Gotland

Yesterday the Management Council made its annual visit to Campus Gotland. After our ordinary meeting, at which we discussed the University’s annual report and budget documentation, which is being prepared, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor Olle Jansson told us about strategic and current issues at Campus Gotland. The University is well on the way to meeting […]

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