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Guest blogger Gudmund Hernes: Ignorance is dangerous

Public debate is increasingly a debate about research. Scientific findings rapidly hit the newspaper headlines and television news and spread – sometimes in distorted form – via social media. This is because research concerns all aspects of the life of society: plastic in the oceans, access to new vaccines, new batteries for electric vehicles, or […]

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The week began in Helsinki

On Monday the Management Council visited the University of Helsinki and Aalto University, two successful higher education institutions experiencing exciting development. We are already cooperating with both of them, but there is great potential to expand our range of partnerships. There are many projects on the research side, and in terms of education, we cooperate […]

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University, as ever, at the heart of developments

Last week, higher education institutions, funding bodies and many other organisations submitted thier input to the government’s research policy from 2021 onwards (read our input here). Many interests are involved and a wide range of proposals are presented, everyone emphasises the issues that are most important to them, but there is broad agreement: investing in […]

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Give universities a chance to contribute to the development of Sweden and a sustainable society

Climate crisis, antibiotic resistance, mental ill health among young people, distrust and division between groups in society, threats to democratic rights and freedoms, security and peace. The ability to meet major societal challenges depends on knowledge that only research can give. We will gladly shoulder our responsibility to contribute to a better future for coming […]

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Broader partnership aims for European University status

Today I signed a Consortium Letter of Intent for ENLIGHT, our new venture in the second pilot round of the European Univeristy Initiative. Our application in the first pilot call, from the U4Society network (with Göttingen, Groningen, Ghent and Tartu), was well received but ultimately fell short. Now we are making a new effort along […]

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International networks important for the University’s development

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Bologna for a meeting of the presidents of The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities, a network we co-founded in 2016.  Currently made up of 19 higher education institutions in 14 countries, its purpose is to represent the interests of research-intensive universities in research, innovation and education affairs at EU […]

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Sustainability on the agenda

With autumn colours at their peak, it was time this week for the semester’s deans away day. We are half way through the week when the year’s Nobel prizes are revealed, a time of year when basic science receives a lot of well-deserved attention. It was particularly pleasing that one of the laureates sharing the […]

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Focus on university development and educational innovation

The CALIE project (Collaboration, Academic Leadership & Innovation in Higher Education) brings together four broad-based research universities in Sweden (Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala) and three leading American universities (UC Berkeley, Stanford University and the University of Washington). The aim is to learn from one another how we can develop the capacity of our universities […]

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New commissioner for innovation and youth

This week it was time for the European Parliament to quiz the nominee for the new position of commissioner for innovation and youth, Mariya Gabriel. Her brief is interesting and contains more than the title suggests. For the first time, research, innovation and education (alongside culture, youth and sport) are being combined in a single […]

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Career and skills development high priorities this autumn

Today, at the first University Board meeting of the autumn, I requested that the University’s current Appointment Regulations* be opened for review and revision. It has been a while since this was last done, and this document governs an area that is absolutely crucial for the University’s future: our ability to recruit, retain and develop […]

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