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Many good points, but some significant omissions in the Internationalisation Inquiry report

Today we submitted our consultation response to the report of the Internationalisation Inquiry “Ökad attraktionskraft för kunskapsnationen Sverige” (“Making Sweden more attractive as a knowledge nation”, Swedish Government Official Reports 2018:78), an important and eagerly awaited report that takes up many strategic issues for the future of the sector. It has been a good process: […]

Sustainability – a matter for the whole University

The Higher Education Act states that in their operations, universities and other higher education institutions must “promote sustainable development to assure for present and future generations a sound and healthy environment, economic and social welfare, and justice.” The most important contribution Uppsala University makes to sustainable development is through our students and our researchers. Educational […]

Open Access? Absolutely, but don’t jeopardise research quality and freedom!

(Swedish post published 7 March.) For several years now, there has been widespread and – to be honest – rather noncommittal discussion on Open Access to scientific publications. Research results should be published in forms that make them freely available, particularly when they derive from publicly funded research. Generally speaking, all stakeholders are in agreement […]

Management Council visits Aarhus

The Management Council has just visited Aarhus University in Jutland, Denmark. Our colleagues in Aarhus had prepared a busy programme for us. To begin with, Pro-Rector Berit Eika presented the university and current developments in research policy. In the mid-2000s, the 20 universities in Denmark were merged to create eight larger universities. The university has […]

Academic leadership and multidisciplinary cooperation – themes of the spring deans day

At the end of last week, we had a deans meeting in the Humanities Theatre. Once per semester, the deans, vice-deans, vice-rectors, deputy vice-rectors, advisers to the Vice-Chancellor, heads of administrative divisions, the University Director, the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor gather for discussions. Altogether, there are about fifty of us. In the spring semester […]

Meeting of the University Board

At Wednesday’s meeting of the University Board, the annual report was on the agenda and it was time to sum up 2018. As always, there is much to be proud of at our University! The number of applicants per place remained high in 2018, indeed, more qualified applicants applied to Uppsala University than to any […]

Inquiry on Governance and Resources has reported

(Original Swedish post published 1 February 2019.) Today (1 February) the Inquiry on Governance and Resources delivered its 468-page final report. Here are a few spontaneous reactions based on a quick perusal. Most of the arguments and proposals are in line with the inquiry’s communications along the way, in its framework proposals and presentations. This […]

Winter Conferment Ceremony in snowy Uppsala

(Original Swedish post published 25 January 2019.) Today we celebrate scholarship at this year’s Winter Conferment Ceremony at Uppsala University. We began early this morning with the traditional cannon salute from the Castle hill and the ringing of the Cathedral bell. As usual, gunners from Jämtlands fältartilleri are firing the cannon salute. The day’s events […]

Winter day in Visby

Once a year, the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council spends a whole day at Campus Gotland. We assembled for departure brutally early on Monday morning, but were rewarded by the stunning sight of the blood moon, a celestial phenomenon that astronomers tell us will next recur 10 years from now. We devoted the morning session to a […]

New semester, new challenges, new approaches

(Original Swedish post published 17 January.) The holidays are over and now everything’s getting going again. For many students, this is the big exam week. Meanwhile, on Friday we will hold the traditional freshers reception to welcome new students before the semester starts formally on Monday. The world around us is full of uncertainty. Will […]

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